Summer time and the livin’s easy…

Ahh Summer: a time for students to relax, or at least to the extent they can allow themselves. I will be up in Binghamton for this summer sadly, working a mall job. I say sadly not because there’s anything wrong with Binghamton, its a great city (in parts) and I’ll be with my sister (she goes to SUNY Bing), but I say sadly because I will be missing out on the many concerts that my friends who live in or around the city will be attending and I recommend you check out if you can (such as Starfucker, who do a great live show, The Tallest Man On Earth, Deer Tick, Los Campesinos with Yellow Ostrich *played at SBU!*, Real Estate, DIIV…and the list goes on) .
         Alas, I can still listen to beautiful sounds from my computer and iPod, and other various music devices. With a surplus of downtime in the summer naturally I’m drawn more to TV than during the school year and I’m continually surprised by the music used in soundtracks. Just the other day a friend of mine pointed out that the theme song of Mad Men was by RJD2. I actually don’t know much of this band, but hey I may look more into them now…
         One show that has been consistently great for avid music hunters such as myself is Girls; the reviews have been controversial and I’m just going to let you guys decide if you like it or not for yourself, but there’s no denying that its soundtrack is pretty sweet. There’s actually a Spotify playlist made up of songs used in the show. It includes tracks from Jay-Z, Best Coast, The Generationals, The Black Lips and so many more, just hit play and enjoy.
         As for future posts, being summer they will be sparse but keep checking in with us- we will continue updating for your aural pleasures ;) 

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